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 Limousine Billing "Bloat"

When getting rate information or quotes from limousine services, make sure that you get a total figure for all charges. Frequently a low base figure may be accompanied by undisclosed or unwarranted charges. A few examples from other web sites:

  • Per passenger surcharge: Prohibited by the P.U.C. for limousine carriers, you are renting the whole car.

  • Service tax or service fee:  Huh?

  • Airport Fees: $2.50-$5.00 per vehicle at Bay Area airports (Electronic Transponders). Clever firms will tack on $3.50 per passenger after the trip is completed

  • Undisclosed early morning, late night, weekend or holiday surcharge: Quicksilver has a $24.00 overtime charge for pickups scheduled between 11PM in the evening and 5AM in the morning. Quicksilver will automaticly reschedule airport pickups to coincide with actual flight arrival times. Transportation from flights that arrive before 11PM will not be subject to overtime charges. An overtime charge will be in effect all day during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years Day.

  • Undisclosed Baggage Claim Area "Gate" Meet Charge: Quicksilver standard rates are for curbside to curbside service. If you wish your driver to park the vehicle and come inside the airport terminal and wait for you at baggage claim, Quicksilver adds $24.00 for sedan based work and $36 for SUV or van based work. Your driver will then escort you to the parked car or retrieve the car and meet you at the curb.

  • Luggage surcharge: With some limousine companies, heavy bag or two can sometimes cause another $3-5.00 to be added to the bill. Quicksilver has no luggage surcharge or extra charge to take your bags to your front door.

  • Parking: If airport parking fees (usually $4-6 for limousines) are to be passed through, ask for the receipt from the driver. It's yours not theirs. Clearing customs and immigration for international flights can sometimes take 1-2 hours and Quicksilver  will charge parking in those instances. It is always itemized on your bill or receipt.

  • Undisclosed Bridge Tolls: Find out if any bridges are to be crossed and how much will be charged, if anything. Generally no receipt here (electronic transponders).

  • Undisclosed Waiting Time Charges: Quicksilver allows a 10-minute grace period for reservation pickups, including loading and unloading a vehicle.  After that, Quicksilver charges $1.00 a minute.  Some firms charge in the dollars per minute after 5 minutes. If you are loading up a car for a vacation, sometime this can cause another $20+ charge to pop up at the end of the trip.

  • Undisclosed Airport Waiting Time: Your Quicksilver car will be scheduled to arrive at the airport 5 minutes after your plane touches down if you do not have checked bags, or 20 minutes after touchdown if you do have checked bags. Quicksilver will charge $1.00 per minute of waiting time if the car has to wait after an additional 20 minutes for domestic flights. Quicksilver also charges $1.00 per minute after waiting 40 minutes after an international flight arrives.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling Fees: If your flight is cancelled and you are put on a later flight you may be charged for 'rescheduling". There are no rescheduling fees at Quicksilver. Customers with profile accounts will never be charged unless the driver has actually been dispatched. . Web promotion rates have a $15 cancellation fee within 24hrs of pickup time.  There are no cancellation fees of any kind for established accounts. Keep Quicksilver's toll free number ( 800.486.9622) with you when you travel, so we can stay in synch as your journey evolves.

  • Undisclosed Fuel Surcharge: Currently a common item (Fed Ex, UPS etc.). Know if one is being charged and what it is ahead of time. There are no economy limousine vehicles, and our surcharge varies month to month depending on our contracted purchase price for gasoline.

  • Undisclosed Gratuity (Tip): Many firms charge a built-in gratuity. Quicksilver does as our business clientele charge billed accounts or on-file credit carsd and they simply sign a waybill when they exit the car. Here is the rub; make sure that the passenger that you are reserving the car for understands that the tip is included. Our waybills declare it on the signature line and our drivers are instructed to remind passengers whenever cash tips are offered. It is not uncommon for passengers at the end of a journey to compare notes and realized that the limousine service was double tipped.



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