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Welcome Aboard!

This special partner page  has been created  to familiarize new TownCar users with Acme Law Partner's policies and procedures.

Transportation Charges:

Acme Law Partner travelers are individually responsible for all Quicksilver TownCar charges. Quicksilver TownCar accounts may be opened only in the name of the individual traveler and are usually based on their existing Acme Law Partners Visa travel card. Acme Law Partners travelers with card based accounts receive a 15% discount off Quicksilver's standard Executive Rate.

Client/Matter ID References:

Quicksilver TownCar charges submitted to Acme Law Partners for reimbursement must be accompanied by Client/Matter ID numbers. Quicksilver's reservation system can capture this information at the point of booking and it will appear on all confirmations and receipts. When submitting profile account information at Quicksilver's on-line New Account site, indicate that you wish the Quicksilver reservation agent to ask for the Client/Matter information when taking your service request. Electronic confirmations and receipts can be simultaneously sent to travelers, travel agents, and administrative assistants.

Acme Law Partners Rendezvous Locations

San Francisco:

Acme Law Partners travelers leaving the offices at 1 California Street will find their car on the California Street side

Palo Alto:

Travelers leaving the Palo Alto office will find their car in the parking lot in front of the main entrance to Building B.


Travelers leaving the Fremont office will find their car in the marked passenger zone in front of the building.

San Jose Airport:

San Jose Airport requires all limousine rendezvous to occur at the gate. Your Quicksilver Driver will be waiting at the gate with a sign when travelers deplane.

Oakland and San Francisco Airports:

Acme Law Partners prefers that all Bay Area based travelers meet their car curbside to limit  meet and greet charges. CAUTION! Quicksilver cars can not wait for extended periods curbside and may have to circle. Acme Law Partners travelers need to call Quicksilver immediately if they do not see their car. Travelers who fail to call and therefore miss their car are subject to  no pick up and waiting time charges.

Gate or luggage area rendezvous are otherwise available (with an additional charge) for:

  • Acme Law Partners travelers unfamiliar with Bay Area airports.
  • Firm clients and guests.
  • Any travelers needing assistance.

Detailed rendezvous instructions are available at our New Account site.

If you do not see your Quicksilver TownCar, please call us at either (800) 486-9622 (toll free) or at (415)431-1600 (local).

If you have questions or concerns that should be addressed by Acme Law Partners contact Betty at the San Francisco office: (415) 555-3600 or betty@AcmeLawPartners .com


To learn more about quicksilver Town Car  Limousine Service:
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