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Quicksilver TownCar Point-to-Point and Charter Rates:


Quicksilver Rate Charts Are Listed Below
But First,  Some Words Of Caution About...

Limousine Billing "Bloat"

When getting rate information or quotes from limousine services, make sure that you get a total figure for all charges. Frequently a low base figure may be accompanied by undisclosed or unwarranted charges. 

Click here to see a few examples of Billing "Bloat" from other web sites and how Quicksilver handles supplemental fees.

The rates listed below itemize all standard charges including airport fees, bridge tolls, fuel surcharge and driver tip, without waiting time or additional stops etc. 

It is the total amount that will appear on your invoice or charge card bill.

To download rate charts, right-click the blue download link and select "Save Target As..."

The rate tables below represent Quicksilver's most popular vehicles and most common destinations. Choose a vehicle and then select a city or airport that you are traveling to or from.

Lincoln Towncar Rate Charts For Curb-To-Curb Service   (5:10AM To 11PM)

Lincoln Towncar Rates For San Francisco

Lincoln Towncar Rates For San Francisco International Airport

Lincoln Towncar Rates For Oakland International Airport

Lincoln Towncar Rates For San Jose International Airport

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Chevrolet Suburban Rate Charts For Curb-To-Curb Service   (5:10AM To 11PM)

Chevrolet Suburban SUV Rates For San Francisco

Chevrolet Suburban SUV Rates For San Francisco International Airport

Chevrolet Suburban SUV Rates For Oakland International Airport

Chevrolet Suburban SUV Rates For San Jose International Airport

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Downloadable PDF version

Charter Rates
3hr Minimum Within SF & 4 hr Minimum Elsewhere In The Bay Area  (Bridge Tolls & Parking Additional). Rates will be calulated "Portal to Portal", beginning and ending at Quicksilver Offices in San Bruno.

Vehicle Hourly Base Rate 20% Suggested Gratuity Fuel Surcharge Total Hourly Rate
Lincoln L SeriesTowncar $65.00 $13.00 $6.50 $84.50
Chevrolet Suburban SUV $75.00 $15.00 $7.50 $97.50
Sprinter Van $.90.00 $18.00 $9.00 $117.50

Please Note:

For non account holders these promotional rates are subject to limited availability. Make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance to assure best availability.

Maintaining Your Discount:
Travelers  that complete a billing profile  get web access to reservations,  web access to use history, and much more. 
Click on the  New Quicksilver Limousine Customers  link to find out more about opening an individual or company-wide account, or call us at (800) 486-9622.

Cancellation / No-Show Policy:
Reservations must be cancelled before the vehicle is dispatched. Dispatch times vary upon distance traveled to pickup and driving conditions. Customers that miss their scheduled pickup will be charged a minimum equivalent of transportation from Quicksilver offices to the point of pickup plus any incurred waiting time.

For Additional Rate Information:
Quicksilver reservation system stores mileage based point to point rates between any two of 137 Northern California cities. If you do not find the city or destination you need in the above tables, call us and we would be delighted to provide a quote.

Supplementary Charges:
The rate charts represent all inclusive standard charges. More charges can be incurred through the following additional services;

  • Waiting time: Quicksilver grants a5 minute grace period of free waiting time at non airport pickups and 20 minutes grace period at airports. Subsequent waiting time is charged at $1.00 per minute. 

  • Additional stops: Quicksilver charges $10 per additional stop within the city of origin or destination and $15 per stop in a city along a contiguous route. Non-contiguous routes will result in point to point rates being combined. Additional stop examples are 2 passengers at nearby separate addresses, luggage drop or pickup at hotels, ATM, etc. If the driver must wait more than 5 minutes at the additional stop then  waiting time charges will apply.

  • Child seat. Quicksilver can provide an infant, child or booster seat if you require one. Quicksilver charges $15 for picking up and dropping off the seats at our office. For the same fee per trip leg, Quicksilver can store your child seat in our office while you are away.

  • Red-eye / early bird charge: Quicksilver will charge $24 additional fee for pickups made between 11PM and 5:01AM.

  • Car cleaning-detailing charge: Quicksilver will pass through to the customer any extraordinary cleaning charges for spilled beverages etc.

  • Holiday charge: For Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years Day, Quicksilver will impose a $20 charge for travel on those days.

Charter use:
All charter base rates are subject to gratuity, bridge tolls and fuel surcharges. Fax or email us an itinerary. If your schedule is in flux and not sure whether point to point arrangements or charter provides the best value, we will keep the specific billing arrangements on hold until after the car use is complete. Then we would be happy to recommend the least expensive billing configuration based on the actual use.

Notice of Changes, General Disclaimer:
Our rates reflect costs not under our control such as airport fees, bridge tolls, fuel surcharges, etc. We adjust our rates to reflect changes in these costs as well as to correct inaccuracies. We will strive to maintain our web listing accuracy, and notify our customers of any changes. Otherwise these rates are subject to change without notice and the table may not represent all current rates. Just ask for a quote at the time of reservation, we will always honor it.


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