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Snapback Retrieval Service

Protect your valuables from permanent loss with Quicksilver TownCar's free Snapback  device retrieval service

  • Get your personal device immediately returned to you via same day or overnight courier.

  • Have your lost items brought to you wherever you are, even in the middle of a business trip or in a different city from where the device was lost.

Attach these durable etched foil labels to the back of your cell phone, PDA, mp3 player, or even a laptop. These labels have Quicksilver’s 24-hour toll-free number and instructions for anyone finding your lost item to contact us. Quicksilver will coordinate the rapid return of the item via same day or overnight courier Quicksilver will cover up to $30 in free courier service for our current customers.

Snapback service is available without charge or membership fee to all Quicksilver customers with corporate or personal profiles.

If you are not currently a Quicksilver customer, just fill out a profile online and book a reservation on our toll-free 800 number. You will receive your Snapback labels from your Quicksilver driver the next time you travel. 

Call Quicksilver Right Now Over The WebFound an item with a Snapback label on it?

- In the U.S.: Call us toll-free at (800) 486-9622.
U.S. & Canadan: Call over the internet for free by clicking  the push to talk button
- Overseas: email u

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How It Works

With 35 years of logistic experience, Quicksilver’s capable staff will coordinate the same-day pickup of the lost item, and courier it to the most convenient location to be reunited with its owner, even if far from home or in the middle of a business trip.

Quicksilver will pay up to $30 of transportation costs, usually making an overnight delivery of a lost personal item within the continental US via DHL EXPRESS FREE.

Protect your identity and security by having the Quicksilver staff coordinate the return of your item from unknown third parties.   Protect all your family devices; just make Quicksilver TownCar the family airport transportation for vacations, Christmas, and going away to college.

Quicksilver Snapback retrieval service is available to all customers with personal or corporate billing profiles that have been a passenger in our vehicles. There is no charge or membership fee associated with the service, and there is no charge to set up a billing profile. You may have as many labels as are necessary and they too are free.

Customers that have used our service within 6 months prior to the loss will have the first $30.00 of transportation cost covered by Quicksilver and the recovery service is free. This includes passengers who are family, domestic partners, or guests of account holders, if the account holder is billed and the passenger name is listed on the waybill. In most cases overnight delivery of personal items anywhere in the US would be covered. Quicksilver will pass through all charges over $30 (heavy items-same day courier charges, etc.). Quicksilver will always get client approval before engaging those services.

Passengers that have not traveled with us in the last 6months can still have Quicksilver coordinate the return of the lost item. In that case, Quicksilver customers will pay for the transportation costs plus a $30 handling charge. We will simply bill the profile account or a separate charge card. These charges average about $60 and are still a fraction of the replacement costs of the lost item and a lot less hassle.

Quicksilver staff will work with you or your office staff to find the most convenient drop-off location for your lost item. For overnight deliveries, Quicksilver has arrangements with DHL EXPRESS to pick up your item and transport it in a padded envelope to the nearest practical rendezvous location (see below) by 3PM of the next day. At your request, Quicksilver will attempt to make immediate pickups with on-demand, same-day couriers or taxis when those services are available. If you are traveling when the item is lost, Quicksilver will find appropriate local services to recover your item.

Items can be forwarded to:

  • Your firm’s regional offices

  • Your customer/client offices

  • Local DHL Service Facilities

  • Hotel concierges

  • Airport VIP lounges.

  • Your home office

  • Your residence

You can even ask Quicksilver to provide a reward to the Good Samaritan that contacted Quicksilver and keep your identity private. We will mail the reward you specify and charge your account the reward amount.

Recover efforts will begin as soon as the item is reported found, sometimes before it is matched to a Quicksilver customer or reported lost. We will work to make sure that a responsible party at an accessible location holds the item until we can make arrangements to deliver it to you. We can engage local delivery services such as messengers or taxis on your behalf.

Get your labels now!
If you are a traveler with a corporate or personal profile, ask your Quicksilver driver for the labels, or call the Quicksilver office at (800) 486-9622 and we will mail them to you.

If you do not have a profile, create a profile online now then call our toll-free number and book your next transportation with us. Collect your labels from the Quicksilver driver.


Quicksilver Tips:

If you misplace an item, call Quicksilver immediately; the item might be at a nearby establishment or office.

If you lose your phone, call the number immediately; the ringing may bring it to the attention of someone nearby. If someone answers, find out where it is and if they are willing to return it to you. Try to get another contact number for the finding party other than your cell phone in case the battery goes dead or you wish to immediately disable outgoing calling.

Report the phone as lost to your carrier. Disable outgoing calling, the phone, or the account (depends on carrier).

Offer a small reward to whoever finds the item. This will be the best $25-50 you ever spent if the item is recovered quickly.

If the item is nearby and you can retrieve it yourself then:

  • Always rendezvous with the finding party at a public location such as a restaurant or hotel.

  • Use a hotel concierge, cab driver, or Quicksilver as an intermediary.

 If you have a SnapBack label left over, attach it to your wallet. You will not only help protect your wallet from permanent loss but you will always have our toll free number available


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